Digital Extreme Unveils The Veilbreaker At Tennocon 2022

Digital Extreme Unveils The Veilbreaker At Tennocon 2022

Digital Extreme is a Canadian video game developer that released Warframe many years ago. Warframe has grown exponentially in popularity since its release and the developers have continued to provide players with content, updates and much more. At TennoCon 2022, the company unveiled The Veilbreaker via a new trailer. The content will be arriving on all platforms sometime soon. Interested fans can hop into Warframe for free on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

In the trailer, fans get a first look at Kahl-175. Narmer’s enslavement of the Origin System continues, resulting in many Grineer and others being imprisoned without hope. Players, as Kahl-175, can lead the Origin System to freedom as he is the savior who fought off the shackles. Also, players can utilize his Grineer equipment to rescue his people from Narmer’s grips. Furthermore, in the update, players can get their hands on the Protea Caladrius Collection.

Besides The Veilbreaker, Digital Extreme has announced some other plans for Warframe. Players can look out for cross play testing coming soon, cross save mechanics and more news on the game’s mobile development. Moreover, players can expect syncing of Baro across all platforms on July 29th. Cross save is expected to release once cross play mechanics are stable.

In the game, players will venture into various planets and universes as Warframes, each with their own skills and abilities. The game has a ton of content for new players to grind through, though it may be a bit overwhelming at first.

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