Ravenscourt Has Announced Kona II: Brume For Multiple Platforms

Ravenscourt Has Announced Kona II: Brume For Multiple Platforms

Ravenscourt is a video game publisher that has been involved in the release of various titles. The company was involved in Road 96, Let’s Sing, Get Fit and more. This time, Ravenscourt has partnered with Parabole, independent developers, to release Kona II: Brume. The companies announced the game via an official trailer. It will release sometime on 2023 on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

In the forty-eight second teaser trailer, viewers are shown a desolate forest completely covered in snow. Shortly thereafter, the camera shifts to a lone man, sitting while frozen at the top of a tower. The trailer the concludes with a man in a cart being led by horses through a ravaging snow storm. The world appears to be empty, downtrodden and difficult to navigate.

In Kone II: Brume, players will head to Northern Quebec in the 1970s, where a bizarre, mysterious mist has caused serious concerns for the mining industry. Players, as detective Carl Fraubert must go on adventures to solve the mystery of Kona. Furthermore, the game features a fictional world, Manastan in Northern Canada, filled with lakes, shacks and other areas to explore. Moreover, the Brume poses various challenges due to its cold blizzard, wildlife and other nightmares. Players be ready to survive against all odds.

Additionally, players must be able to use detective Carl Fraubert’s skills to the best of their abilities as they must find clues to piece together various parts of the puzzle by inspecting objects and more.

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