10-Year Super Hexagon Lives On With a Recent Major Engine Update

Super Hexagon Has Been Verified for Steam Deck

Super Hexagon is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year. The minimalist psychedelic rhythm game has been in the gaming industry for a decade. Fans of the game may have expected Developer Terry Cavanagh to shelve it for good. However, the game just got a major engine update. Devs also verified it for Steam Deck.

Super Hexagon’s Neo Update is reportedly a complete rewrite of its system-level game code. The game now uses SDL which will make the game window size adjustable. It also brings full controller support. The audio engine has been replaced. Moreover, the graphics rendering feature got a complete overhaul to offer proper scaling up to 4K.

super hexagon major engine update

Fans of the game are well aware of its visual hugely relies on clean straight lines and sharp angles. There are times that they even have to shift their tiny triangles between fast-spinning walls. With that said, they will be glad to know that they can blow up the screen to a bigger size without things getting all jaggy.

The update also promises “smoother frame rates.” However, some players have already complained that they were still limited to 60 fps. To fix this issue, devs confirmed that the higher frame rates are going to come out in a future Part 2 update.

According to Cavanagh, they do not really have a deadline for the second patch. However, they do not think having to wait a few more years for a game that has been around since the gaming industry’s early days should be a problem.

Super Hexagon’s mobile version already supports higher frame rates. Apparently, the studio’s ultimate goal is to merge the franchise’s mobile and desktop versions into one final super Super Hexagon. The game is available right now on Steam and GOG.

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