Old Skies Trailer Has Been Revealed

Old Skies Teaser Trailer Shows Hand-Painted Art Style

Old Skies is a new game from Wadjet Eye Studios and Dave Gilbert. This partnership brought the gaming community popular point and click games such as Unavowed and the Blackwell series. As seen in their previous titles, they have a touch for mature, nuanced story telling that seem to explore serious philosophical and psychological tales through modern day ghost stories.

The gaming world is well aware that some of the best writing in video games come from small studios. Wadjet has proven this statement right. The Old Skies team has apparently been long at work at the upcoming title. Thankfully, the game now has a teaser trailer to go with it. The preview gives fans a much better idea of what they can expect at launch.

old skies trailer

The story of Old Skies follows Fia Quinn. She is an employee of a time travelling agency that transports rich people into the past. Throughout the game, players will have to escort seven high class characters through different time periods—whether they are travelling back for mere curiosity or to settle an unfinished business.

The setting of Old Skies is mostly around what seems to be Gilbert’s locale of choice—New York City. Fans of his work are well aware of how incredibly he captured the city’s gritty eccentricity. As seen in the sneak peek, gun shots are fired, things go wrong, and the space-time continuum gets screwed up.

What makes Old Skies different from other Wadjet games is its hand-painted art style. It seems very fluid and polished with its beautiful animations. It also uses the same open source AGS engine that the studio’s previous games had.

Unfortunately, Old Skies does not have an official release date just yet. Still, there is plenty of time for the gaming community to explore the studio’s other work—for those who have not done so already.

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