Open World Survival Raft Leaves Early Access With Massive Update

Raft Dips Out of Early Access With a Massive Update

Raft is a cooperative survival adventure that launched to the gaming public in 2018. It has been part of Steam’s Early Access since then. Devs were surprised when it became popular really fast. After all, its development team only had three people whose intention was simply to make a game for their university course. They quickly shook off any uncertainty and parlayed their unexpected success into a whole new game development career as Redbeet Interactive.

raft leaves early access massive update

Considering that Raft is a survival game, players have to attempt to survive in a flooded world. They will drift from island to island with the main goal of upgrading and rebuilding their titular raft into a floating fortress of sorts.

It has been four years since its debut in the gaming market. With that said, Raft is now a much bigger game with more things to offer. In fact, devs just launched the game’s biggest update ever, Version 1.0: The Final Chapter.

This massive update adds the last pieces to Raft’s slowly evolving story line. Players will have three new locations that they can explore. There is a high rise building that pokes above the waves. The second one is an arctic research station. The third one, however, is a secret. It would seem that players will have to figure this out on their own. Devs overhauled the game’s existing story to make all of the new pieces smoothly fit with each other.

Following the update, Raft now also has new enemies for players to contend with, such as gigantic anglerfishes and polar bears. Players also have new characters to choose from. Four new character models are available for them to unlock, each of whom will have new outfits. This is alongside a boatload of new tools, parts, and objects for fans to tinker with.

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