Into the Breach: Advanced Edition Will Make the ‘Game Feel New Again’

Into the Breach: Advanced Edition Will Be Free to Fans Who Already Own Original Game

Into the Breach: Advanced Edition is coming on July 19th. It will expand the original title with five new mech squads. It is also bringing approximately 40 new weapons, more enemies, bosses, pilots, and mission objectives.

The Advanced Edition update makes the game feel new again with more of almost everything!” Developer Subset Games wrote on social media.

Into The Breach advanced edition feel new again

Into the Breach: Advanced Edition is a turn-based tactics game that is all about bugs and mechs. According to multiple players, it delivers “the most perfectly formed tactics” gameplay experience. With this new edition, the game is going to feature a new Unfair difficulty mode. It is also going to feature support for seven additional languages, namely Spanish, Turkish, Thai, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Swedish.

For the first time ever, Into the Breach: Advanced Edition is bringing the franchise to iOS and Android devices. Devs revamped the interface of its mobile version “to ensure an excellent experience on smaller touch devices like phones.” Despite the smaller screens, devs are expecting gameplay to be quite similar to that on other platforms. Interestingly, it is going to be exclusively available to Netflix subscribers through the service’s Netflix Games feature.

Fans who already own the original game are also going to get Into the Breach: Advanced Edition as a free update. Players who do not have the first game can get it from the 2022 Steam Summer Sale for $10. This moves shows precisely how generous Subset has been with the gaming community. 

Back in 2014, they did a similar move a couple years after the release of FTL. Devs also gave FTL: Advanced Edition for free to those who already owned the original title. The net result was a “the definitive edition” of an already excellent strategy game. With that said, Into the Breach: Advanced Edition fans are hoping that their game is getting the same treatment as well.

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