Disney Speedstorm Is a ‘Hero-Based Combat Racing Game’

Disney Speedstorm Closed Beta Is Live Now

Disney Speedstorm is an upcoming “hero-based combat racing game.” Fortunately for gamers who are very much into free-to-play arcade racers, they can give the game a shot in its closed beta version now. They will just have to go to disneyspeedstorm.com.

Once they head on to the game’s official website, they need to provide their email address. After clicking the Request Access button, they may immediately get access to the game. However, multiple sources have claimed that there may be a limit to the number of players that Disney Speedstorm devs are going to let in.

disney speedstorm hero-based combat racing game

Disney Speedstorm will feature a variety of circuits that got their inspiration from multiple Disney and Pixar franchises. Players will also have a multitude of racers to choose from. They can play as classic characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck from Mickey & Friends or other icons such as Sulley from Monsters, Inc., Mulan and Li Shang from Mulan, and even Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Other choices are Mowgli and Baloo from The Jungle Book, Beast and Belle from The Beauty and the Beast, and Megara and Hercules from Hercules.

Each of the racers will have special unique abilities and skills, as well as stats that players can upgrade. As fans may expect, there will also be user-selectable outfits, and other cosmetics such as wheels, wings, and cart liveries.

The Disney Speedstorm beta will feature different tracks that will even include a distinct black and white course. Devs gave this special track the name The Silver Screen. They showcased this unique circuit at today’s Epic Store’s Summer Showcase. Fans saw all sorts of nods to early Disney animations that fans surely love. An example will be some Steamboat Willie art work. Hopefully, fans are not too distracted by the nostalgia when they are racing against their friends.