Walt Disney World Comes to Minecraft in Magic Kingdom Adventure DLC

This new expansive park experience promises to be a great time for all ages

In a surprising, if pleasant move today, Disney has collaborated with Everbloom Games to bring the Magical Kingdom to Minecraft. As part of their 50th-anniversary celebration of the Florida park being open, Disney, Everbloom Games, and Minecraft have created a whole new Walt Disney World experience for Minecrafters to enjoy. This includes a giant map for players to explore and a lot of Disney and Pixar appearances in block form. So you can say hello to Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, and more!

In this faithful recreation, players can enjoy the Minecraft and the Disney experience by exploring the park recreation. There is the ability to go on various rides found in the park too, like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the pirate ride, and Space Mountain! So even if you can’t go to the park in real life, you can enjoy the new experience. It’s also possible to get all sorts of new Disney-centric items to wear for yourself too in this DLC. This can include Mickey Mouse ears, Hook’s well, hook, Elsa’s dress, and Woody’s hat. There is also the ability to obtain Disney skins for players to use, such as Mickey, Tigger, Hitchhiker Phiners, and park guest skins for all to enjoy.  Plus, it looks like there are fireworks that go off at night by the Walt Disney Castle, so that promises to be very fun.

While it’s not the same as going to the park in person, this shows a bit more of an interactive fun experience for Minecraft players of all ages. For those who want the DLC for themselves, it is currently available in the Minecraft marketplace. The current cost is 1,340 Minecoins, which translates to a little under ten dollars US. This particular DLC was also made by Everbloom games, which has also created other Minecraft DLCs such as Fashion Legends and Castle Builder.

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