Calls for Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Intensify

Employees Stage Walkout, Union Pension Group Sign Letter Calling for His Resignation

Seems that things are intensifying at Activision Blizzard. While we knew there had been discrimination with one of the female executives, and there have been lawsuits as of late, it seems that employees of the company have had enough. According to various sources, including Twitter, over a hundred Blizzard employees have walked out as of November 16th, and have gathered outside of Blizzard’s headquarters in Irvine, California to demand the CEO’s resignation. They also want two board members, Brian Kelly and Robert Morgado to resign as well, due to the horrible treatment of women in the workplace.

activision blizzard female co-head steps down

This move was set off by a report in the Wallstreet Journal. Previously, Kotick reported that he was in the dark about all of the mistreatment and discrimination that was part of the workplace environment. But, the report reveals that not only did Kotick know of what was happening, but he participated in involved in the mistreatment of women, in and outside of the workplace. This has included such things as sexual harassment and even death threats. “Over the years, Mr. Kotick himself has been accused by several women of mistreatment both inside and outside the workplace, and in some instances has worked to settle the complaints quickly and quietly,” The Wall Street Journal writes.

As of November 17th, 10:30 am eastern time, shareholders, led by the union pension group, called the SOC Investment Group, have signed a letter calling for Kotick’s resignation, as well as the two board members previously mentioned. This has also been signed by other investment groups, which focus on supporting women in various industries. This is an unusual move, for both labor and shareholders’ interests and desires to align. But while the number of shares that the investment groups own currently is unknown, this does not seem to bode well for Kotick’s future at Activision Blizzard. ABK Workers Alliance, an advocacy group made up of current Activision Blizzard employees has made their feelings very clear on the matter. “This is unacceptable; we are more than a revenue machine. We are people, and it is clear that Bobby Kotick is not conducive to the health and safety of any human element.”

How Activision Blizzard will handle this is currently unknown and ongoing. We can only hope for the best outcome.