Diablo Immortal: Streamer Spends $15,000 In-Game and Then Uninstalls It

Microtransactions Controversy

Quin69, a New Zealander streamer, has spent over $15,000 for a 5-star gem in Diablo Immortal and then uninstalls it immediately.

diablo immortal backlash microtransactions

The player has been trying to acquire the 5-star gem ever since Diablo Immortal had released back on June 2. Quin69 finally received the gem after days of playing only to realize he had actually spent exactly $25,165.57 NZD which amounts to $15,997 USD on the game. He then proceeded to immediately uninstall the game only to realize he needs a screenshot of the gem. He then reinstalled the game, used his 5-star gem to power up a 1-star item just so he would get rid of the 5-star gem, and then uninstalled the game again.

“Get off my computer, you don’t even deserve to stay on it. Diablo II Resurrected, you can stay. Diablo III, you’re on thin ice, but okay, I’ll allow it. Diablo Immortal? Get the fuck out of here.” said Quin69 as he was uninstalling the game.

It may seem insane what the streamer has done, however, he was doing so in protest of the game’s unforgiving microtransactions system. The game doesn’t allow players to buy any rare items directly, instead, players have to spend an unspecified amount of money on Legendary Crests that don’t guarantee the players any outcome. According to an analysis done by Bellular News, players would potentially have to spend around $110,000 in order to max out a post-game character.

Diablo Immortal has also been delayed indefinitely in the Chinese market. Blizzard Entertainment has offered no new release date for the region as of right now, however, they have promised new exclusive rewards for all affected players once the game finally launches. “The development team is making a number of optimization adjustments to the game: support for a wider range of models and devices, the highest quality rendering on more models, a lot of experience, network and performance optimizations, and more,” said Blizzard in an official statement.

Diablo Immortal remains available outside of China for free download on iOS, Android, and PC devices.