V Rising Offline Play Will Be Available in the ‘Next Couple Days’, Says Dev

V Rising Fans Can Enjoy Offline Play “in the Next Couple of Days”

V Rising was the number 12 game on Steam a couple days ago. Now, however, the vampire survival game moved up the rank a few notches. It is now the number 7 game and has a user review rating of Very Positive.

One complaint that V Rising fans have about the game is regarding its need for a connection to the Internet. This is contrary to the game’s Steam page description that says players will be able to “make allies or enemies online or play solo offline.” However, it has come to light that players still have to connect to the Internet even if they are playing by themselves in a server.

v rising offline play

We have prioritized making this available as soon as possible,” devs responded on social media. “For those of you who cannot play now because of this due to inconsistent Internet connections or something along those lines, we apologize for the inconvenience this will cause.

It is our estimation that offline play should be available some time in the next couple of days, but may be earlier,” devs continued.

Still, despite its lack of an offline mode, V Rising players feel like it is more complete than other Early Access titles. There does not seem to have a lot of things to do after they have crafted a lair that suits their liking, or even after they have killed all the bosses. 

Its PvP mode is presumably going to fill that endgame gap. In fact, V Rising fans have already been giving each other grief on PvE servers. They block the entrance to other players’ castles and even get rid of their buildings. The latter can only happen if the targeted player does not have any blood essence left in their castle heart. With that said, they will have to make sure that it is topped to ensure the safety of their buildings.

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