Temtem’s Final Version Is Launching Out of Early Access Later This Year

Temtem Is Leaving Early Access in September

Temtem will be out of Early Access later this year. Publisher Humble Bundle recently confirmed to the gaming public that the 1.0 version fo the Pokemon-inspired game is launching for PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms on September 6th.

Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure where players seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside their Temtem squad,” devs wrote in their press release. “Players can catch every Temtem, battle other Temtems, customize their house, join a friend’s adventure or explore the dynamic online world.”

Temtem out of early access

Once the game is finally out of Early Access, it will be showcasing some new features. Fans will be able to experience the addition of brand new Seasons, in addition to the final island of Archipelago. Moreover, players can also get rewards from weekly quests once they have completed the objectives.

Temtem has actually been in Early Access for well over two years now. Starting out in early 2020, the game rose to popularity within the PC gaming community. It amassed a solid fan base even before the game became available to PS5 as a console exclusive later that same year. Xbox Series X/S users were able to join in on the fun later on. At the moment, devs have confirmed that a pre-order for Nintendo Switch fans will be available later down the line.

Considering that devs described Archipelago as Temtem’s “final island,” fans are not expecting them to add any more locations after the update.

Over the past two years since the game’s launch into the gaming world, it has constantly been expanding. Devs added a multitude of updates and improvements since then. With that said, fans understand that the team behind Temtem may want to take a breather.

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