Survarium Is Going Offline For Good Next Week

Survarium Will Be Offline Next Week

Survarium is an online FPS from developer Vostok Games. Unfortunately for fans, devs have confirmed that the game will be offline starting May 31st. Apart from being taken offline, Survarium will also be delisted from Steam.

On one hand it is good to look to our future but on the other it is difficult to say farewell to an old friend,” devs wrote on social media. “Survarium will go offline for good come the day of May 31st 2022, 23:59 Kyiv time.”

survarium offline next week

Just this March, devs announced to the gaming public that they are taking “a break” from their work. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a huge part of their development team had to relocate to other parts of the country. It remains unclear if current real-world events had any impact—and to what extent—on their decision to shutter Survarium. 

We truly cannot express our gratitude towards all of your many years of support—new and old players alike,” devs wrote. “Through the ups and downs many of you stood by us in solidarity—that is something special that we will always be grateful for.”

Although the gaming world will soon be Survarium-less, it does seem that Vostok has something else planned in the future. “A new chapter awaits us,” they continued. “Our eyes are firmly focused on the work ahead.

Unfortunately, they did not provide any information on what lies ahead. However, they do encourage fans to keep following their “social media pages to stay in the loop with all future news from Vostok Games.”

Survarium has been in the gaming community for the better part of the decade. In fact, the game has been in Early Access for seven long years. With that said, it never actually made it into full release.

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