Vostok Inc Coming to the Switch This Year

Get Rich or Die Flying

I’m a sucker for anything dyed in the electric neon hues of the ever-burning 80s. Vostok Inc, a twin-stick clicker game which takes players on a rampant capitalistic joyride across the galaxy, is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Vostok Inc

Vostok has you climbing the corporate ladder through two disparate genres. Half your time is spent crushing the competition in glorious deep-space combat, while the other half has you immersed in a clicker-style sim in order to build your business. There’s also mini-games, in case your attention wasn’t sufficiently divided. The aesthetic is tinged slightly with nostalgia, though the customization and expansion components are all very modern. Like an actual corporate job, Vostok is geared towards dominating your free time and/or life. Neat!

There is no set release date at this point, though we’ll be getting this game on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year. Like most other indie games on earth, this is a perfect fit for the Switch. You can hop in and mess around for a bit, indulging in either a bite-sized chunk of gameplay or a more protracted session. You can even customize the music! Vostok Inc is out now on PC, with a Switch release set for this year.

SOURCE: Press Release