Loot River Is Out Today

Loot River Is What Players Get “If Diablo & Tetris Had a Baby”

Loot River is officially out today. Straka.studio first revealed the pixel art dungeon crawler last year. At the time, devs described it as something fans would get “if Diablo and Tetris had a baby.” 

Loot River features real time combat within a top-down roguelike adventure. It has procedurally-generated labyrinths that devs purposely built on shifting geometric shapes. Players will have to hack and slash their way through its monstrous hordes. They can buttress their in-game abilities by taking advantage of the game’s relatively fluid landscape.

loot river out today

Players can slide up right next to a monster on a distant block and give it the good old one-two. They can just easily slide away before the enemy gets to react. The gaming community will most likely find this formula quite familiar. However, there is a clever twist to it.

Loot River players will get access to a variety of weapons, abilities and items, each of which will allow them to delve deeper into the catacombs. It is clear that survival and successfully finishing the game will hugely depend on mobility.

The sneak peek that devs shared in 2021 shows that players can get the job done by applying some clever tetro-manipulation. They just have to lead the enemies on a chase then isolate them. Once the bad guys have been isolated, Loot River players will be able to get what they came for.

The game takes place in a dark fantasy that has players drawn into an endless cycle of life and death. Everyone eventually goes mad and loses every characteristic that makes them human. Players will discover that they will find a lot of its story in notes all across the world. They may also get some notes from characters that players can potentially meet within the game.

The game is now available on Steam with a 10% discount. Its regular price is at $25.

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