Loot River, Soulslike Roguelike, Lets Players Head Upstream on May 3rd

Soulslike Meets Tetris 

It’s almost time to delve into the corrupt and ruinous water ways of the Loot River. Today straka.studio and Superhot Presents are excited to announce that their Soulslike roguelike game, Loot River, is coming to PC and Xbox consoles May 3rd. In addition to the announcement, a short release date trailer gives players a better look at the game. Introducing new mechanics to a genre often known for its difficulty, Loot River seems to be aiming to bring a few more “building blocks” to the roguelike portfolio. 

Loot River places players in a labyrinthic waterway full of cursed monsters. However, monsters aren’t all that awaits the player. As you explore you will also discover many, many, useful items. From weapons, to spells, to game changing hidden knowledge. Of course, players are given a special power in the form of the “relic”. The relic allows players to move the Tetris block-like terrain beneath them. In addition to the deep combat system using items and weapons, players must also master manipulating the environment around them to their advantage. 

Using the environment, magical weapons, charms, armor, spells and more will make you a deadly adventurer. Furthermore, learning to combine them all together in different ways gives high range of variety for each run. Learn your favorite weapons, combine them with your favorite spells and conquer any challenge. 

Loot River releases on May 3rd, 2022. The game will release for PC and Xbox consoles. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass subscribers gain access to the game on Day One. So, are you ready to descend into the abomination filled waterways of the Loot River?