Green Hell’s Spirits of Amazonia Parts 1 & 2 Arrive on Consoles

Experience Amazonia 

Console players, it’s time for you to descend into the Amazon. Today Creepy Jar is happy to announce that the first two chapters of their survival sim, Green Hell’s, prequal story are now available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The prequal, Spirits of Amazonian, arrives on consoles for free and brings the story of Jake Higgins to life. A press release provides info on the console version of this story. Additionally, a console update trailer lets players see exactly what’s in store for them. 

Green Hell

Green Hell brings players to the deepest, darkest, regions of the Amazon Rainforest. Players step into the shoes of Jake Higgins who was left clinging for his life in an uncharted jungle. Of course, he will need to use everything at his disposal to survive the environment and the shadows of his mind. 

Now console players can follow Jake’s story as he befriends an Amazonian tribe. The console editions of the story also arrive with new features. A new and improved part 2 of the journey introduces new legendary quests, fully revised map areas, new enemies, hard mode, and more. Additionally, players can tackle the game with up to 3 other players in four player co-op. Prepare to face off against all of the threats of the jungle like never before. 

Green Hell Spirits of Amazonian Parts 1 and 2 are available today on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. Additionally, Creepy Jar states in a press release that they are planning to release the 3rd part of Spirits of Amazonian and two PC updates later this year. So, console players, are you excited? 

SOURCE: Press Release