The Cycle: Frontier Kicks Off Pre-Season This June

Prepare for Fortuna III 

Get ready to launch yourself into the immersive, and violent, world of Fortuna III. A place to make your riches, or lose your life. Today Yager announced that their sci-fi extraction FPS, The Cycle: Frontier, is entering pre-season on June 8th. A press release about the game, and its upcoming full season launch, provides more info. Additionally, players can view the new launch trailer, made up of in-game footage, to get a glimpse of what they can expect from Fortuna III. 

The Cycle: Frontier places players above, and on, a beautiful alien planet fraught with danger. Your goal? Collect what you can from the planet’s surface and fill your pockets. The catch? Only those who extract from the planet get to keep what they found. Of course, this means you will be facing off against other scavengers, and the planet itself, in a deadly race to collect the most precious loot and escape alive. You can go it alone or with friends, make shaky alliances with other squads or gun them down. However, it isn’t all the death and violence of Fortuna III. 

Above the planet is the space station you call home: Prospect Station. It’s here you can buy upgrades for your gear, increase your reputation with differing factions, and more. You’ll need to prepare all the tools, weapons, and gear you’ll need. Prospecting the planet is dangerous but the rewards sure will make up for it. 

The Cycle: Frontier is introducing Season 1 on June 22nd and will feature the full game. Over 900k beta testers are ready and waiting for launch. Will you be joining them on Steam and Epic Games