Death Stranding Sequel Is in the Works, Says Norman Reedus

Death Stranding Sequel Development Has Started, According to Norman Reedus

Death Stranding’s sequel may already be in the works. At least, according to Norman Reedus. The actor recently revealed in an interview that development for the second game has already begun.

When asked about Death Stranding he said, “We just started the second one.” This is an exciting update for fans especially considering that no one really knows for certain what Kojima Productions has planned for the next project.

death stranding sequel in the works

Unfortunately, The Walking Dead actor did not give any further details about the alleged Death Stranding sequel. However, it is worth noting that this is actually not the first time that Reedus mentioned the sequel. Just last year, he revealed in a different interview that the sequel was being negotiated. “I think we are doing a second Death Stranding,” he said.

Moreover, he also claimed in 2020 that he was “in talks to do other stuff” with Kojima. Fans who have followed the franchise and Kojima relatively closely are well aware that Reedus was also originally set to star in Silent Hills. This was reportedly Kojima’s own take on the Silent Hill franchise. Unfortunately, devs had to cancel this project following his split from Konami.

Still, neither Kojima Productions or Kojima himself gave any confirmation to the actor’s claims. The specific details of the studio’s future projects are pretty much vague. However, it does appear that they have a lot on their hands over the next several years.

Apart from the alleged Death Stranding sequel, it has also been reported that devs have an Xbox exclusive project in the works. It was Kojima himself who informed the gaming public that they are working on a “radical project” for this year. Other than that, fans are in the dark about what this new project is going to be. 

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