Dead By Daylight Confirms New Full Chapter for 6th Anniversary

Roots of Dread 

Attention survivors and killers it’s time to head into a new chapter in the entity’s realm. Today Behaviour Interactive held it’s 6th Dead By Daylight Anniversary broadcast confirming the upcoming release of a new chapter. June 7th sees the newest Dead by Daylight chapter, Roots of Dread, arrive on PC. Of course, as a full chapter, Roots of Dread includes a new survivor, killer, and map within a new realm. Additionally, the new content is currently available on the player test build. 

Dead By Daylight

Roots of Dread introduces the players of Dead By Daylight to a new survivor: Haddie Kaur. A podcaster with an uncanny ability to see through rifts in the world where the entity’s realm leaks in. Focusing on tracking both other survivors and the killer, Haddie brings both aura seeing abilities and blindness infliction to the killer. Of course her themes revolve around sight and focus. 

However it could be said that the new killer can see you just as well. The Dredge is Roots of Dread’s new killer. A confusing mass of darkness and evil. As the Dredge players can teleport to lockers, see survivor auras by opening lockers, force pallets to break, and engulf survivors in darkness. 

The new map, Garden of Joy, introduces players to a disheartening and dark American town full of darkness. Players will be able to explore a scenic house whose insides aren’t all as they appear. Of course the new map also brings a new realm to look forward to into Dead By Daylight. 

A new trailer gives players a look at the visuals of Haddie Kaur, The Dredge, and Garden of Joy. 


Roots of Dread is releasing on June 7th. Are you excited for the new chapter? What do you think of the new survivor and killer?