Blow and Fly, Physics Puzzler, Propels onto PC Today

Something is Fishy 

Your aquarium is broken. Seeing as you’re a fish… This is bad of course. But not all hope is lost. Today developer Khud0 is happy to announce that their physics based puzzle adventure, Blow and Fly, is out now on Steam. A press release provides more info on the adventure. Additionally a launch trailer gives players a nice glimpse of what they can expect from the gameplay. 

Blow and Fly places players in the fins of a fish whose bowl has been destroyed by a bratty kid. Your mission, of course, is to survive. You will need to use what little liquid is left in over 70 levels to make it around obstacles. For instance, collect water to blow yourself over spike pits and other traps. Of course, it’s important to note that you are indeed a blowfish. As you progress through the level you will reach a toilet bowl that will hopefully bring you the life you need. Or maybe it will flush you to a worse place. 

The gameplay revolves around angling the fish’s mouth to use water to blow you over obstacles. With simple aim and launch controls, the challenge comes from solving where you need to get the fish. In addition, players can attempt to complete levels with only a certain number of launches and be awarded a pearl. Of course, players can see all of this fishy action in the Steam trailer. 

Blow and Fly is available now for PC via Steam. Currently the game costs $5.69. So, are you ready to get fishy?