Road 96 Has Officially Launched On Xbox And PlayStation Platforms

Road 96 Has Officially Launched On Xbox And PlayStation Platforms

Ravenscourt is a European indie developer that is part of Koch Media. The company has released various games thus far including city builders and other indie gems. Digixart is a company based in France that joined Koch Media. The company is ready to make a statement with Road 96. Today, following its PC release, Ravenscourt have released Road 96 on the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. In the game, players will undergo a beautiful, twisted road trip that is filled with fun, adventure and much more. The game draws inspiration from some of the world’s best writers and is sure to deliver. Fans can purchase the game on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles now!

To celebrate the release, Ravenscourt unveiled an in-depth gameplay trailer. In the trailer, fans will have some insight into the game’s gameplay, characters and glimpses at its story. The story was inspired by Quentin Tarantino, the Coen Brothers and Bong Joon-Ho. During the journey, players will encounter various emotions and situations involving action, melancholy, exploration and wacky situations. Furthermore, players can expect a unique visual style, cool 90s soundtrack and thousands of routes.

In the game, players, as the protagonist, head out on a road trip in an attempt to escape a country ruled by an authoritarian regime on the brink of collapse. Players must survive against various threats in the wilderness and more. Every decision made has an important impact and consequence. Players must be wary of their decisions. What choices will you make?

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SOURCE: Press Release