Narrative Adventure Game Road 96 Heads To Consoles In April

Narrative Adventure Game Road 96 Heads To Consoles In April

Ravenscourt is a German video game developer that seeks to deliver engrossing, complex video games. The company belongs to major company, Koch Media. DigixArt is a small team of video game developers that signed to Koch Media in 2021 to release more titles, including Road 96. Today, these companies have announced that Road 96 is heading to Xbox and PlayStation consoles in April following its release on the Nintendo Switch and PC last year. Road 96 is a critically acclaimed story-driven adventure game. It mixes in survival elements and much more.

Yoan Fanise of DigixArt stated, “It’s really exciting to think that console players will soon be able to take their first steps on this emotional journey as they make a break for freedom… Road 96 with its inspiration from the classic road trip movies from the ’90s, seemed a natural fit to this generation of both consoles and their owners. Sit back and prepare for a road trip like no other.”

In Road 96, players must attempt to escape an authoritarian regime. Along the way, players will meet interesting characters and discover secrets and stories. Each decision has its own consequence and fleeing the regime is the ultimate goal. The nation of Petria is a scary place and players must fight their best to survive.

The story is inspired by the likes of Tarantino and the Coen Brothers. It features moments of action, exploration, sadness and wacky situations. Furthermore, the game has stunning visuals and various routes for players to create their own adventure.

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SOURCE: Press Release