Wartales’s Developers Provide An Updated Roadmap Of Plans For 2022

Wartales’s Developers Provide An Updated Roadmap Of Plans For 2022

Shiro Games is an independent video game development studio based in France that is passionate about releasing premium games. Some of its titles include Dune Space Wars, Northgard and the Evoland series. In December 2021, the company released Wartales into Early Access. Wartales is an open world RPG where mercenaries search for wealth across a diverse world filled with horror. Wartales is currently available on PC via Steam for the price of $35.99USD. The developers have released an updated roadmap as work on the game continues.

The first content update will introduce Harag’s Marshlands along with a ton of other content. Content Update #2 and #3 will introduce even more stuff such as regions, level cap increases and even Chinese Language Support. The updated roadmap will provide fans an insight into what can be expected of the upcoming content updates and some stuff in the future.

In the March update, fans can look forward to the Harag region, hostile creatures, the Forsaken Villages and a chance to escape the Horde! In Summer, the developers will release Merchant’s City along with a level cap increase, the Great Tournament and more skills. Beyond these two updates, in the future, some plans include expeditions, the Pit of Despair and more regions.

In Wartales, players must fight, survive and try to live to tell the tale. Along the journey, players will explore the gigantic world of Wartales with lively villagers, cities, deserts and camps. Furthermore, there are various characters to meet.

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