Review of Features of PS Gift Card to Buy


You know the importance of the PS Console, if you own the one. We know that PS Consoles have always been the choice of millions of the players all over the world and they always have selected these consoles to play the games.

And those who own the PS consoles, they must know about PlayStation Gift Card and its importance in the gaming world. Furthermore, they would know the features and benefits of the PS Gift Card. You can simply gift this extraordinary thing to your family members, friends or your beloved ones to let know what it holds.

It is here to know that whether they have games or not, or whatever they like, you can just send them. They are able to exchange the things in the PS Store. They can avail any other services in the PS Store utilizing the PS Gift Card.

Things to Bear in Mind

Every PSN code comes with region-lock, and this is what creates an impediment for the players while making any purchase. So, recheck before you make purchase so that you may not get into troubles. Anyhow, GAMIVO, taking this common issue into an account, has provided the players with all basic information.

Collections in the Store

Variety of Games

The most common thing that comes out of the PS Store is variety of games. This will be the best to know that there are thousands of games available for the players. The Store awaits the players who face the real challenges of the virtual world, and create the new records.


PS Gift Card never lets its players go down, as it keeps on bringing the new games in the store. There are numerous excellent choices for the players. New games are added constantly, so there will be no shortage concerning the entertainment.

Exchangeable Products

It is not an issue if you do not have interest in certain games, and you do not like the new games. You can exchange them for other services provided by the PS. You can get the specific and exclusive content for your favorite games.

Complete Satisfaction

The services or the features you buy, using the PS Gift Card in the store, come with the complete satisfaction and all the services utterly meet your gaming wants or needs. So, rest assured about it.

The best thing that PlayStation Gift Card has provided is the PlayStation Plus Subscription.

PlayStation Plus

it is an ocean of services for the players who buy this membership. Here are the same features

Free Games

There are two free games every month for the players. They own the games till their subscription lasts. This creates much amusement and excitement for the players.


This feature lets you connect to the virtual world where you can expend your energy in making yourself better at gaming. You can easily connect to your friends, colleagues and other people and invite them into the game. So, they will join you to play with you.


With the PlayStation Plus Card services, you will be able to play with the players joining from all over the world. You can play, and try to defeat them or you can take into your team. This provides you with vast area of players where you can make your skills up.

Betterment in Skills

You can invite a specific gamer, and play with him in order to know your flaws and try to solve them. Playing with experienced players always teaches you the best.


There are special discounts for the players, and they can easily use them. Discounts apply on the all games available in the PS Store whether they are newly released or the old ones. Discounts apply on all kinds of games.


There are two types of subscriptions for the players

  • PlayStation Plus 90 Days
  • PlayStation Plus 365 Days

You can choose any of these two, but the 365 days’ subscription is recommended.


When you have bought your PSN Gift Card, you need to activate it. For redeeming the code,

You need to open your PS4 or PS5 console, there you can find the option of entering the code.

You are done.