Incredible Cosplay Music Video From MegaCon Live 2022

MegaCon Live Birmingham 2022 Cosplay Music Video

Every week, we search for the coolest, spiciest must-see cosplay from around the world. But every now and then, the cosplay finds us. That’s what happened this week when our friends at The 86th Floor told us about a hot new cosplay music video they just published on their YouTube channel. The video was filmed at MegaCon Live 2022 in Birmingham and showcases an incredible assortment of outstanding cosplays. You’ll see characters from Miraculous Ladybug, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Splatoon, League of Legends, Star Wars and so much more.

Some of the cosplayers featured include:

Softbeantm & Roz Cosplay as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Duo

Ace of Prince as Princess Peach

Ickle Cosplay as Zora (Kingdom Hearts)

And without further ado, here is that amazing cosplay music video.

Be sure to subscribe to The 86th Floor’s YouTube channel, as they’ll be posting the second part of this music video soon.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s cosplay feature. It’s an amazing feeling when the cosplay community reaches out and invites us to share their amazing work with the world. So, if you’re an aspiring cosplayer or you make cosplay content like this music video, feel free to send us a message. We might feature your hard work in a future cosplay article.

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