Hunt: Showdown’s Next Update Is Adding Pistol-Wielding Zombies

Hunt: Showdown Is Getting Gun-Carrying Zombies

Hunt: Showdown is getting a new update soon. Apart from a variety of new features, the upcoming patch is also going to add what the franchise’s community thinks is the game’s most disruptive enemy in years. Soon enough, players will have to go against pistol-wielding zombies.

Pistol grunts will actually be not capable of shooting Hunt: Showdown players with their rusty guns. However, whenever they melee-attack the players, their guns will fire off a shot into the air before breaking.

hunt showdown next update pistol-wielding zombies

Hunt: Showdown fans are well aware that the game hugely depends on sound to track enemies on the map. With that said, that single pistol shot can really end up disrupting a stealthy approach. These pistol grunts are basically going to be the loudest noise traps in the entire game. This indicates that players will have to take the zombies down fast.

In addition to pistol grunts, the upcoming Hunt: Showdown update will also introduce lantern grunts. These carry around both lit and unlit lanterns. Once players are unfortunately hit by a lit lantern, they will be set on fire. Being hit by an unlit one douses them in oil. This will then lead to the possibility of the players being set alight. Basically, Hunt: Showdown will be more hazardous than ever.

There will also be a new quest system. The new one will ultimately replace the randomized daily and weekly challenges that players used to have. They will now have the ability to choose from nine different tasks each week. Moreover, each of these missions will have their own reward and star value. For instance, getting 30 stars in a week will give them 25 Blood Bonds.

This new system gives players more control when it comes to picking tasks that are in line with their skill level and the amount of time they have invested within the game.

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