New Hunt: Showdown Update Adds Weapons & Custom Ammo

Hunt: Showdown Is Getting the Update on January 27th

Hunt: Showdown’s newest update is arriving tomorrow, January 27th. The 1.7.2 update will be addressing a variety of performance issues. This is very good news for players who have been complaining about certain features since December. The patch is also going to add new reward systems, balance changes, as well as new weapon variants.

The game’s Scottfield revolver will have three new variants to unlock. Players will soon get a stock-mounted Scottfield Precision, snubnose Scottfield Spitfire, and Scottfield Swift. The last one will trade the ability to top off its ammo with the use of speed loaders that finish the job six rounds at a time.

new hunt showdown update adds new weapons custom ammo

Hunt: Showdown’s new Scottfield variants somewhat mirrors the Nagant family of weapons. The Spitfire is similar to the Nagant Officer, while the Precision functions pretty much the same as the Nagant Precision. Wit that said, players who are used to utilizing the Nagants will feel right at home.

The Swift, on the other hand, is a baseline Scottfield that performs a full six-round reload in the time required for a base variant to reload a single round. However, it is worth noting that taking advantage of this quick reload system will waste all unfired rounds. Unfortunately, the Bulletgrubber talent does not keep this loss from happening.

Winfield and Winfield C variants will allow players to equip full metal jacket rounds. This functions like the FMJ ammo on other guns, giving them a newly improved wall penetration feature, as well as a higher effective range at the cost of reduced projectile speed and ammo availability. The Berthier rifle is getting a new deadeye variant, too. All of these new weapons will certainly make life on the bayou even more exciting.

Furthermore, Hunt: Showdown fans are also given a heads-up on some balance changes coming with the update. Players will no longer have reduced damage to themselves and their team mates. With that said, they will have to be extra careful with their explosives going forward. This includes all explosive ammunition, barrels, dynamite sticks and bundles, as well as bomb lance splash damage.

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