Hunt: Showdown Developers Provide Update On Performance Issue

Hunt: Showdown Developers Provide Update On Performance Issue

Hunt: Showdown originally released in 2018 and is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is a first-person shooter developed and published by Crytek, an experienced team. It involves a thrilling PVE/PVP experience where players face various challenges on their way to victory. The game has been heavily praised since its release. Following the Christmas break, the developers have taken the opportunity to respond to developing issues in the game, including its performance.

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Firstly, the team is back to work and will release Update 1.7.2 next week on PC and the week thereafter on consoles. Secondly, the biggest topic in the community is performance issues. The team has been working hard on the issue, acknowledging the many are faced with FPS drops, stuttering and a general decrease in performance. Based on feedback from the community, the developers were able to identify some causes for the drop in performance, including the Steam overlay.

Thus, in Update 1.7.2., the developers are hoping to improve the situation. Thereafter, the team will continue to review its performance. Additionally, another tentative fix in the upcoming update is that compounds are not loading. Although the issue is a small one, the developers have identified a cause and will address it. Additionally, there will be a fix for low texture resolution on consoles.

Furthermore, fans can expect a more detailed blog post coming soon in February that will address as many issues a possible. Also, the team will be hosting a Developer Livestream next week concerning Update 1.7.2.

Do you play Hunt: Showdown? Have you ever tried it? Were you having any issues? What do you think about Update 1.7.2 and what are your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.