Award Winning Roccat Officially Unveils Its Stylish Gaming Earbuds

Award Winning Roccat Officially Unveils Its Stylish Gaming Earbuds

Turtle Beach Corporation is a leader in video game peripherals and Roccat is one of its major brands. Roccat is responsible for creating award winning keyboards, mice, headsets and more. The company’s products are often plastered at Esports events and used by professional gamers. Suffice to say, they are known to be premium quality. Roccat has now unveiled its Syn Buds Core which is designed for gamers looking for a versatile audio solution. The ear buds are currently available here or at participating retailers. It currently costs $24.99 USD.

Furthermore, the ear buds offer crystal-clear audio for gamers on mobile devices, on the go or on their desktop. It features an in-line microphone, volume control and a multifunction button to end calls quickly. Additionally, it is on usable on compatible device with a 3.5mm audio interface. The ear buds also come with three different ear tip sizes and a cloth carrying case for easy transport to events and more.

Also, Rene Korte, Roccat’s General Manager for PC Peripherals, was excited about the Syn Buds Core, stating, “Whether gaming, listening to music, or working out, the Syn Buds Core earbuds offer maximum convenience and comfort and true high-quality audio.” He went on to state, “Mobile gaming is already huge and only getting bigger, so we created the Syn Buds Core for ROCCAT fans and gamers who want to get the most from their earbuds. The Syn Buds Core are a phenomenal value as they offer durability and quality components at an affordable price.”

Therefore, professional gamers often utilize earbuds, and it wouldn’t be surprising to it used in Esports.

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SOURCE: Press Release