Genre-Bending NORCO Officially Set To Launch On PC In Late March

Genre-Bending NORCO Officially Set To Launch On PC In Late March 

Raw Fury is a independent publisher that focuses on video game experiences and emotions. Geography of Robots is a video game developer that explores various aspects of South American life. The team has traversed conspiracies, folklore and its history in their games, fiction and more. These two companies have come together to work on NORCO, a Southern Gothic point and click narrative adventure game. NORCO will officially release on PC via Steam and GOG on 24th March. However, players can access NORCO Act One today!

In NORCO, players will enter a gritty version of Louisiana as they search for their missing brother. Players will team up with fugitive robots and explore various locations including malls, drainage ditches and industrial swamps. Louisiana has been turned into a distorted, odd version of itself. Geography of Robots have utilized pixel art to reimagine real locations.

Thou, an American slodge band based in Louisiana, is part of the project. The band has remixed a track for the game and collaborated on its soundtrack. Bryan Funck, lead singer of the band stated, “We’ve always loved their sense of aesthetics and thought it would be a great fit for a video of some kind for one of our songs. This is our first time being involved with a video game on any level aside from playing them.”

The one-minute long trailer concerning Act One of the game portrays some of the creepy elements of the game. Fans can enjoy Act One as part of the Big Adventure Event today!

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SOURCE: Press Release