Bad News for Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection on Switch

Life Is Delayed

For a game that came out like seven years ago, Life Is Strange is taking a long time to come out. I mean the remaster, of course. Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection was announced at the same time as Life Is Strange: True Colors. They also shared a similar release window, but alas, the Remastered Collection is still not out.

Life Is Strange: True Colors has been out since September (December on Nintendo Switch), but the Remastered Collection has suffered its own delays. Today, the development team has announced yet another delay, for just Nintendo Switch this time.

Life Is Strange Graphic Novel
Thankfully, for players of PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia, the bundle will still be coming out this month. It’s unclear what is wrong with the Nintendo Switch versions. Maybe, the new and improved games are too taxing on the Switch’s hardware. In any case, Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection is delayed on Nintendo Switch until sometime “later this year”. Yikes.

The Remastered Collection contains the first two games; Life Is Strange and Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. They tell the events of Arcadia Bay, the home of Chloe Price and Max Caulfield.

We can only hope that “later this year” means in a month or two and not December. The only choice we have is to wait and see, since we don’t have time manipulation powers. Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection is coming out on January 25th for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia, and will be out on Nintendo Switch… sometime.

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