Life is Strange: True Colors May be the Most Heartbreaking Yet

Do You Feel It?

Life is Strange is a series that’s thrived on telling emotional stories, and the newly announced Life is Strange: True Colors is following in that tradition – and has all the potential to be the best in the series so far.

True Colors puts you in the shoes of Alex, an Asian-American woman who’s grown up in the foster system and moves to the town of Haven Springs to stay with her long-lost brother, Gabe. Sadly things take a downturn when Gabe dies under mysterious circumstances. Despite having the appearance of an accident, Alex quickly realizes there’s more going on than she could have imagined.

Luckily for her, she follows in the tradition of heroes within the series having supernatural powers – in Alex’s case, her empathy. Signified by seeing the colorful auras of the people around her, Alex can see what people are feeling, and dig deeper to understand why. Is there more to Gabe’s death than appearances would say? Well, that’s up to you to find out. Unfortunately, Alex’s power – which, unlike Max or Daniel before her, she’s seemingly been aware of for a while – has a downside; if people’s emotions are strong enough, they can easily overwhelm her own, which may explain some of the trippier aspects of the trailers which seemingly show the world crumbling.

The game will be the first in the series to utilize full motion capture, and seemingly presents a small open world, with Alex being given the ability to explore the small town of Haven Springs. The game also follows in the tradition of allowing Alex to choose a romantic interest of either gender – either Ryan, a new character, of Steph, who fans may recognize as a Blackwell student in Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Life is Strange: True Colors drops on September 10th, eschewing the series’ tradition of episodic releases – although, as noted in the second video, you may want to use the chapter breaks for a much-needed emotional breather.

Also announced today was Life is Strange: Remastered Collection, which will take the events of Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm and give them a makeover, making the games more stunning than ever. There’s no word on a release date for Life is Strange: Remastered Collection, but we do get a release window of Fall 2021.

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