Life Is Strange: True Colors Psychical Switch Edition Out Now

Life Is Strange: True Colors Physical Edition Out Now on the Nintendo Switch

Life is Strange: True Colors now has a physical edition available on the Switch. If you’ve been holding out for this, now is the perfect time to give the game a try. We thought the game was absolutely fantastic. If you want a great adventure game to take on the go, this is one to consider.

Whether you want to play on the TV or handheld, True Colors on the Switch should fit your needs. I would certainly consider it over the Life is Strange Remastered collection. Unfortunately, that collection didn’t turn out too great.

Life is Strange: True Colors puts the players in the shoes of Alex Chen, a young woman with the secret ability to absorb and manipulate the intense emotions of others. When her brother dies in a so-called accident, she must embrace her volatile power to find the truth — and reveal dark secrets buried by the town.

True Colors really plays up to the strength of the franchise. Being in a small town and constantly talking to the same people really build a connection to the town. Learning the relationship of the town and its citizens never gets old.

True Colors Alex + Gabe

Now you can experience this fantastic story with a physical edition while relaxing with your Switch. It is certainly one story worth experiencing.

Life is Strange has been on the rise lately. The new collection, True Colors, and a TV show is on the way. Fans of the series are certainly being catered to at the moment.

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