Hunt: Showdown’s Bugs Pushed Devs to Extend Traitor’s Moon Event

Hunt: Showdown’s Traitor’s Moon Event Has Been Extended to April 18th

Hunt: Showdown devs decided to event the game’s Traitor’s Moon event as part of their apology to their fans. Developer Crytek apologized to their community for any bugs and issues that affected how they played the latest time-limited event.

We understand that there have been several issues that have prevented some of you from comfortably participating in the event,” devs wrote on social media. “These have all been very frustrating and we understand the impact that the downtimes and issues have had for many of you.”

hunt showdown devs extend traitor's moon event

To compensate Hunt: Showdown fans for any lost time, Crytek decided to extend the event until April 18th. “As of now we are extending the event until April 18 to allow those that have been impacted by this some extra time to complete as much of the event as possible,” they added.

Devs are also well aware that players “may have lost out on boosts due to the downtime.” The good news is that the Hunt: Showdown team is “in the process of determining how to best compensate for these.” The bad news is that devs did not provide any information on how they are going to put this right. Thankfully, they did promise that they are going to keep fans updated once they have more details.

Hunt: Showdown is a survival horror FPS that has an 1890s Louisiana setting. Players have to explore the swamplands in order to find their monster mark. They have to do this while they try to avoid the Undead Nighmare-esque plague that has descended on the map.

The game took some cues from mythology and Wild West iconography. This inspiration is highly evidenced by the game’s frenetic gunplay using various old school weaponry. What makes Hunt: Showdown different from the other titles with the same background is its inclusion of both PvE and PvP engagements.

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