Haunted Chocolatier Will Have Full-On Boss Battles

Haunted Chocolatier Fans Could Go Head-to-Head With a Bee Boss

Haunted Chocolatier is the next game from the creators of Stardew Valley. The gaming community has gotten little to no information about the upcoming title. However, it would seem that Creator Eric Barone slipped a new detail about the project during an interview.

Barone is composing music for Haunted Chocolatier. While discussing the battle theme for a “bee boss,” he dropped the words “boss battle.”  The theme he made for this much-anticipated boss battle makes use of synthesizers. This is an instrument that fans would not hear in the Stardew Valley soundtrack.

haunted chocolatier will have full-on boss battles

The track Barone created for the game boasts of a funky rhythm with some synths and drum pads. Despite its retro style, it still has a distinctly “spooky” vibe to its beat. This tune goes perfectly hand in hand with the haunted part of the game’s title.

Haunted Chocolatier is a little darker,” Barone confirmed. “There are ghosts so I feel like synthesizers make sense.”

Fans of the game already know that devs implemented combat into the game. Devs revealed last October that they put greater focus on combat into Haunted Chocolatier. The accompanying video that they shared at the time showed the main character fighting a small bee. However, this is the first time that they heard about full-on boss battles being part of the experience.

The interviewer asked Barone if he meant “bee boss” or “B boss.” He answered the question without really answering it. He just played the game’s opening theme which sounded very much like a buzzing noise. “I think this answers your question, right?” he said.

Furthermore, just like in Stardew Valley, Barone confirmed that Haunted Chocolatier players will also have to build on their in-game relationships. Unfortunately, nothing further has been said about this feature. To date, devs have not announced an official release date for the title.

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