Haunted Chocolatier Creator Confirms Returning Feature

ConcernedApe’s Follow-Up Haunted Chocolatier Will Have a Familiar Feature

Following its reveal in October, there is new information about the upcoming follow-up to 2016’s beloved farm simulator, Stardew Valley. Haunted Chocolatier is a brand new game that follows a burgeoning chocolate maker after they move to a new town featuring a haunted castle. The follow up already promises to throw players into a more magical world.

It’s announcement came with an early gameplay trailer, included below. It’s clear from the gameplay style that the two games would share any similarities, at least in appearance.

However, the game’s creator, Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone, has confirmed the two games will share other similarities.

Barone has already confirmed that Haunted Chocolatier will have a stronger combat system. Although built on the same principles, it will rely more on shielding and blocking. In addition while Haunted Chocolatier will also rely on gathering necessary resources like its predecessor, combat in this game will let players gather rare and exotic items.

One new similarity that Barone confirmed is the return of relationships to his new game. Haunted Chocolatier will feature an improved dialogue system. In the interview, Barone admitted he is not sure how the system will work quite yet, but that it will be improved.

As more and more details emerge about this chocolate-making mystery, there is still much we do not know. We know core will revolve around making chocolate, collecting resources to make chocolate and running your new chocolate shop. However, it is clear there will be much more to the game than that, as its predecessor.

What popular feature from Stardew Valley would you like to see return in Huanted Chocolatier?