Beyond Mankind First PC Game Compatible with OWO Haptic Vest

Games you can Feel

Have you ever dreamt of feeling a game deeper? Immersing in the action? This desire isn’t necessarily a dream any longer. OWO’s haptic vest, winner of the CES 2022 innovation award, makes these desires reality. The first game published on PC to be compatible with the vest, Beyond Mankind, will be available to test at the CES stand in Las Vegas in January of 2022. A press release about the OWO’s vest, and Beyond Mankind provides more details. 

Beyond Mankind Feature

Truly, Beyond Mankind is groundbreaking, in the fact that, it is the first fully published PC game to be completely compatible with the haptic vest. It is an action RPG set in the backdrop of Earth in the year 2121. Humanity, in this time, is exiled from Earth and your character, as a part of an elite military unit, works on taking it back. 

Equally as important, is the haptic vest. Based on an algorithm of sensations, the vest is a combination of hardware and software. According to OWO’s website, the vest allows users to modify the sensations they experience. Additionally, OWO claims that they can create an infinite number of sensations, breaking the boundaries between the physical and virtual. 

A release date trailer gives players a glimpse of the gameplay of Beyond Mankind. Of course, players can only imagine, for now, how the physical sensations interact with the game. From temperature to combat, the game weaves in the vest. The graphics also provide a way to immerse players, as they build their own character and story. 

At any rate, OWO’s haptic vest and Beyond Mankind are bringing the future to gaming. The vest is on display at CES 2022 in January. Are you excited for the future of OWO’s haptic vest? What games can you see playing with the vest?