Cathedral, Metroidvania, Adventuring to PS4 Today

Take You to Church 

Welcome to a massive world. There’s so much to explore, beautiful visuals, and of course, guardians intent on killing you. Today indie developer Decemberborn Interactive is happy to announce their pixel art metroidvania, Cathedral, is available on PS4. The game, already a success on Steam and Nintendo Switch, is now moving onto PlayStation 4 bringing with it an exciting and massive adventure. In addition to the announcement, an 11 minute gameplay video for PS4 shows off the game on PlayStation. 

Cathedral introduces players to a massive world where they wake up with no recollection of who they are. Playing as a nameless knight from another world players will make their way through over 600 rooms across a connected and large world. Of course, as they progress players will discover more about the past of the nameless knight alongside their spirit friend: Soul. Yet, there’s a catch. To uncover the secrets you need to collect five elemental orbs. Each of these orbs is protected by a guardian. Defeat them and claim the orb. However, they aren’t going to be easy to beat. As you journey, uncover items that will help you, and discover new areas full of secrets. 

The gameplay video that came alongside the announcement shows off what players can expect. From the nostalgic and eye-catching pixel art graphics to gameplay mechanics. Of course, the gameplay is only 11 minutes so it gives players just a taste of what is possible in Cathedral. 

Cathedral is available now on PlayStation 4. The game is available for $14.99. So, are you ready to explore Cathedral and find your way home?