Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Reveals Game Art

And the Academy Award Goes to…

Supermassive Games has a busy year ahead of it. Season one of the Dark Pictures Anthology is coming to a close with The Devil In Me. They are also launching a standalone story called The Quarry in June. Earlier today, they released the box art expected for The Devil In Me.

Just like their other interactive dramas, starting with Until Dawn, the Dark Pictures Anthology uses the voice and likeness of many well-known actors. The Devil In Me will be starring Jessie Buckley, as well as several other actors. Buckley will be on the cover of the game, just as Shawn Ashmore, Will Poulter, and Ashley Tisdale were in the previous games.

The Devil In Me

The game art was revealed in part because of Jessie Buckley’s recent Academy Award nomination. Buckley was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Lost Daughter as a young Leda Caruso.

Jessie Buckley’s role in The Devil In Me was also revealed. She will be playing Kate Wilder. The game appears to be focusing on a serial killer, who fancies himself an artist, as shown in the reveal trailer. We don’t know much about Kate Wilder herself, but we can be sure that the character will find herself in some precarious circumstances.

The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me does not have an official release date as of yet, but it will be coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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