Among Us Servers Back Online After DDoS Attacks

Seems There Was an Imposter on the Among Us Servers

It appears the game Among Us had a bit of a problem with an Imposter this weekend.

fortnite among us gameplay

All jokes aside, there was a DDoS (also known as a Distributed Denial of Service) attack on the Among Us servers. This first came to light on Friday, March 25, 2022, when there was limited or no service at all for the game. This was for North American and European Servers. The game developer, InnerSloth, has been on top of this, trying to help with keeping updates and letting people know what was going on via Twitter updates.

Some of the details of the tweets were pretty amusing while also keeping people in the loop. For example:  “cant believe im working on a saturday rn i was supposed to go and get a croissant” and “someone really had to DDoS us at the end of my work day??? smh???? it’s 5pm i wanted to nap this is so rude“.

But truly, InnerSloth did seem to be trying to keep on top of fixing the problem that came from the attack. Where the attack came from, has yet to be revealed on Twitter- nor as to how or why.

However, while the whys and hows are still unknown for what comes to the DDoS attack, it looks as though everything has become stabilized. At least, it seems stable for the moment, according to the latest InnerSloth update. There have been no other updates since the six hours from the last post (as of this writing) so things may be alright for now when it comes to being able to play the popular game.

fortnite among us gameplay

We may find out details of the attacks in the future; maybe not. So as the developers said, it’s time to get back to your tasks!