Among Us VR Sneaks Onto PlayStation VR2

Embark on a New Virtual Among Us Experience

Get ready to step into the immersive world of Among Us like never before as Schell Games, Innersloth, and Robot Teddy announce the arrival of Among Us VR on PlayStation VR2. The cleverly designed virtual reality adaptation brings a fresh perspective to the globally acclaimed social deduction game, Among Us.

Dive into games featuring four to ten players set across two intriguing maps, The Skeld II and Polus Point, where the line between Crewmates and Impostors blurs. As you work on completing tasks alongside your supposed fellow Crewmates, be wary; one or more players among you may be Impostors aiming to thwart your efforts and eliminate everyone. The suspense builds as you question your own role — could you be an Impostor trying to sabotage the mission without getting caught? Among Us VR ensures that the classic hallmarks of the original game, from tasks to sabotage, venting, and emergency meetings, are seamlessly integrated into the virtual reality experience.

Among Us VR

Express your inner Bean-sona in style with a plethora of hats to choose from, ranging from cute and cool to classic and eclectic. With dozens of options available, you can find the perfect headgear to make a statement. Want even more choices? Explore additional Hat Pack DLC bundles featuring classic styles from the original game or exclusive VR attire.

This game not only preserves the beloved mechanics of the original. but also introduces a host of features tailored for the virtual reality environment. Enjoy proximity voice chat, accessibility features, comfort settings, and crossplay compatibility with other VR headsets. Whether you’re a seasoned Among Us player or a newcomer, the VR adaptation promises an exciting new dimension to the emergency meetings, camaraderie, and suspicions that define the Among Us experience.

So, assemble your crew, pick out your favorite hat, and navigate the virtual terrain, making sure to steer clear of electrical hazards. The next emergency meeting awaits, and Among Us VR is here to deliver a 360-degree twist to the social deduction sensation.