Sengoku Dynasty, Life-Sim, Honors Fans with New Trailer

Story Driven CGI Trailer 

Welcome to feudal Japan. Will you rise to the rank of a leader? Or die a simple peasant? Today, Superkami Games and Toplitz Productions unveiled a new CGI trailer for their upcoming game, Sengoku Dynasty. Sengoku Dynasty, a feudal Japanese Life-Sim and Village Builder, gives players a chance to choose their path in Japan’s history. A new trailer for the game gives a cinematic view of what players can look forward to. 

Sengoku Dynasty places players in feudal Japan where they must make their own way through history. Starting as a simple peasant players will build up their village and choose their way in life. Will you be a warrior a monk, a craftsman, or a great leader among your people. Each path provides a new way to play with different mechanics to work out while playing. Additionally, players can follow any of these paths during a fleshed out story or in a sandbox mode where your creativity knows no bounds. The world available to players is also vast and open to your exploration with a lot to discover. Additionally, the game is developing with input from Japanese History Experts. 

The new trailer features a CGI glimpse into the story of Sengoku Dynasty. A dream of a beautiful village descends into a struggle for survival. Players can witness the themes of the game and what they can expect. 

Sengoku Dynasty is set for release sometime in 2022 with no official release date yet. Currently, fans can wish list the game on Steam. Are you ready to make your own way in Sengoku Dyansty?