PUBG: Battlegrounds Developers Unveils Its Plans For 2022

PUBG: Battlegrounds Developers Unveils Its Plans For 2022

PUBG: Battlegrounds was one of the pioneers of the battle royale genre and has since branched off into becoming a premiere mobile game and celebrating its fifth anniversary. Today, in a developer update, the team announced that it was proud to celebrate its fifth anniversary and wanted to look towards the future. In doing so, the team gave fans some insight into upcoming content for the game across the second to fourth quarters of the year. Some of the content includes new weapons, weapon balancing and much more. The game is currently free to play on multiple platforms.


In Quarter 2, from April to June, the team has decided to rollback Sanhok based on player feedback and it will return to its original form. Additionally, players will have access to the new 7.62mm Assault Rifle. The weapon will provide some variety and it will have a high DPS, but high recoil as a balancing measure. Additionally, players will experience quality of life improvements, training mode improvements and a sub-update to Paramo World.

In Quarter 3, from July to September, the team will introduce a complete overhaul to PUBG’s mastery system. The purpose is to create a stronger progression system. Besides that, the team will release Kiki, a new map, that features swamps, grasslands and more.

In Quarter 4, from October to December, players will find Vikendi- Reborn as the team will introduce more changes to the map along with other improvements. Furthermore, Arcane Mode will be overhauled by adding new game types and rewards for playing them.

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