No Multiple Maps for Call of Duty: Warzone Since Install Sizes ‘Are Crazy’

Call of Duty: Warzone Can’t Have More Maps Due to “F*cking Crazy” Install Sizes

Call of Duty: Warzone’s install and reinstall sizes are so big for a while that it took up more than 200GB of space. Following two years worth of optimization, this has been greatly reduced, much to the satisfaction of its following. 

It is worth noting, however, that the game’s constant hunger for more SSD real estate seems to be holding it back from an increasingly common feature among battle royale titles. Call of Duty: Warzone Live Operations Lead Josh Bridge told the gaming community that map rotation is such a challenge for the game due to a technical problem.

multiple maps call of duty warzone

We all want that,” Bridge confirmed. “The install and reinstall sizes are f*cking crazy.

It has become apparent that Activision is hesitating to push Call of Duty: Warzone’s install size too far over the edge. After all, majority of its current player base is still using last-gen gaming consoles. Most of which only have a 500GB drive limit.

Call of Duty: Warzone devs are aware that they “lose players” every time they roll out a major map update that needs massive downloads. The possibility of having to download 50GB more just to play Verdansk again may be bad for the game. It can push players to uninstall until the next time they want to play.

This is a bit frustrating for fans. After all, other games in the same genre have no problem supporting multiple maps. At the moment, Apex Legends has three of its four maps on an hourly rotation yet still match Call of Duty: Warzone’s 80GB.

According to Bridge, the studio did not expect the title to take off the way it did. Since launch, the Call of Duty: Warzone team has constantly been working with an imperfect development pipe line. “Verdansk was never authored with the idea that 180 weapons were going to be added to it,” Bridge continued.

Still, Bridge wants the gaming public to know that map rotation is their “goal” for Warzone. Unfortunately, it is not a feature that is currently within their reach at the moment.

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