Demagog Studio Announces Next Narrative Focused Project The Cub

The Jungle Book Meets The Apocalypse 

Humanity is gone. The world as we know it today doesn’t exist. All that is left are the ghosts of the past, for now. Today, Demagog Studio and Untold Tales announced their latest project, a platformer inspired by old school classics, The Cub. In addition to the announcement of the game, Demagog also released a reveal trailer. The trailer gives players a glimpse of the gameplay, set to a track aptly named No Son of Mine, while also explaining the narrative through voice over. The game is set in the same universe as Golf Club: Wasteland, another of Demagog’s games.  

The Cub is introducing players to an Earth ravaged by endless war, greed, ecological disasters, and more. All things brought about by humanity. The final moments of humanity’s time on Earth sees the ultra-rich flee to Mars. Leaving billions to die. However, some survive. Mutant children crawl amongst the wasteland. Players take on the role of one such child. Now, years later, the humans of mars return and after spotting the mutant child, begin a hunt. 

The Cub’s gameplay and artistic style is inspired by the past. Hand drawn settings aim to tell stories about a world gone by. The gameplay is focusing on platforming and adrenaline inspiring chases as you are being hunted through the ruins of earth. Furthermore the announcement trailer provides further depth into the world and gameplay of The Cub. For instance, the trailer includes glimpses of the soundtrack and art style that the game holds in high esteem. 

Currently, there is no release date for The Cub. However, the game will be available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles. So, are you excited to return to Earth?