In Stars and Time, Upcoming RPG, Is Cheating Death in 2023

Can You Break The Loop? 

What would you do if you had to relive your failures? Would you keep going and try to correct them? Or would you give in to despair? Now you may get a choice. Armour Games Studios has announced an upcoming RPG from the mind of Adrienne Bazir, In Stars and Time, that revolves around a time loop that influences plot and game mechanics. 

Players enter the world of In Stars and Time as Siffrin. He and his found-family of adventurers have been trying to stop a tyrannical lord yet as they are about to claim victory, a tragedy occurs. The clock has turned backwards and the group has to battle their way to the king again. However, Siffrin is the only one who notices the time loop. Players will need to use the loop to their advantage. Death is not the end, instead the loop starts over, but you know what’s coming this time. Additionally, you will need to fight to end the loop. Combat in Stars and Time is decided by rock-paper-scissors type turn based combat. As you battle through loops your friends will continue to be by your side, and the player’s relationship with each may grow through playing. 

Additionally, a reveal trailer for the game gives players their first glimpse into the world of In Stars and Time. Furthermore the trailer shows off the retro art style of the game. Also, the trailer shows players some of the characters, the time loop, and the beings of light and god of time that will be present during the loops. 

In Stars and Time is releasing sometime in 2023. The game itself is based off of a prototype, by the same developer, called START AGAIN: A Prologue. Currently, the prototype is available to play on Steam