In Stars and Time Looping to Release Today

Hope In Time 

Failure is an inevitability. It is a concept that everyone experiences at one point or another. Yet, what if you were forced to keep reliving your failures until you got it right? With a world stuck in time, a tyrant with time-freezing power, and an endless loop, it’s time to find out. Today, Armour Games Studios is happy to announce that their RPG, In Stars and Time, from the brain of Adrienne Bazir is out now on PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Switch. Inviting players to a unique world, frozen in time, the game allows players to enjoy a story RPG that starts at the end. Of course, this means time manipulation is going to play a key role. A launch trailer provides gamers with a glimpse of what awaits them. 

In Stars and Time

 In Stars and Time introduces players to Siffrin. Alongside his found family of adventurers, he faces off against a tyrant. Yet, just as the fight seemingly ends terribly the clock resets. Playing as Siffrin, the only member of the party with any knowledge of the loop, players will fight their way to the final boss again. However, players will learn that they are stuck in the loop. Only by repeating the adventure will players learn the secret to breaking the loop and defeating the tyrant, once and for all. 

Importantly, In Stars and Time, allows players to discover more and more about the game with each loop. For instance, players can discover new solutions to puzzles, and make more game-changing choices. Check out the release trailer for a look at the game and its art style. View the trailer below. 

In Stars and Time is out now on Steam, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Nintendo Switch.