Files Hint at Abandoned Plans for GTA 5 Story DLC and Bully 2

The gaming community uncovers database references revealing scrapped content from GTA 5 and another Rockstar classic

As anticipation for Grand Theft Auto 6’s debut trailer heightens, fresh evidence has emerged, offering insights into Rockstar’s shelved plans for story downloadable content (DLC) for Grand Theft Auto 5 and the elusive Bully 2.

The latest revelations stem from a purported leak of a Grand Theft Auto 5 database file, meticulously dissected by the gaming community. Twitter user @billsyliamgta, acknowledging the work of GTA dataminers, shares findings pointing towards the existence of Bully 2 within the files.

For those unfamiliar, Bully was Rockstar’s 2006 release centered around James “Jimmy” Hopkins, a mischievous student navigating the challenges of Bullworth Academy. Although a sequel was in development at Rockstar’s New England studio in the late 2000s, it never saw the light of day. However, fragments of its concepts found their way into other Rockstar creations, notably Red Dead Redemption 2.

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@billsyliamgta’s discoveries extend to references suggesting a jetpack for Trevor, a playable character in GTA 5. This sparks speculation that story mode DLC plans might have been repurposed for GTA Online, evident in the multiplayer mode’s exclusive Thruster jetpack introduced alongside the Doomsday Heist missions in 2018.

The absence of substantial story DLC for GTA 5 disappointed fans, as Rockstar prioritized the lucrative GTA Online, which, even a decade post-launch, continues to thrive.

In parallel, Twitter user @GlowDevs unveils references to CNC, believed to be linked to the canceled Cops ‘n’ Crooks mode intended for GTA Online. The mode’s development was reportedly halted following the 2020 murder of George Floyd, shifting Rockstar’s focus.

While these revelations offer a glimpse into Rockstar’s past intentions, the company is now squarely focused on Grand Theft Auto 6. The unearthed files prompt reflection on what could have been for GTA 5, with story DLC and a sequel to Bully. As fans eagerly await GTA 6’s debut trailer in early December, curiosity persists about the alternate paths Rockstar might have taken. For an in-depth exploration of GTA 6, explore IGN’s comprehensive feature, “GTA 6: Everything We Know.”