Against the Storm Thundering to Release Next Month

A Storm Leaves Early Access

A good foundation often leads to a riveting success. Especially when that foundation is built around a game with esteem like this. Following significant developments, the time has come for the storm to rain on Steam. Today,  Eremite Games and Hooded Horse are happy to announce that their hit city-builder, Against the Storm, is leaving Steam Early Access on December 8th. Allowing players to take over a city in a world plagued by constant storms, gamers will enter a unique fantasy world. Of course, as a city builder, the game aims to test player’s resource management and task focus. A release date trailer gives players a glimpse of what to expect from the full release. 

Against the Storm

Against the Storm places players in control of a city in a world of never-ending storms. Importantly, throughout its early access run, the game has made massive strides. Featuring various content updates, including two new species, new mechanics, and more, the game has come into its own. Furthermore, the game has even included changes to the end game, reworks, and more. Importantly, all of these changes have built a foundation for the game’s strategy gameplay. 

Now, the updates for Against the Storm, continue. A new update, titled “The Queen’s Hand”, is introducing a whole new mode for more experienced players. The game mode will allow players only one cycle to complete the most difficult challenge of the game: Complete the Adamantine Seal. Check out the new release date trailer for a glimpse of the gameplay. View the trailer below. 

Against the Storm is available now on Steam Early Access. The game is releasing fully on December 8th.